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Novus AEterno is an MMORTS developed by Taitale Studios with a successful page on Kickstarter. Novus AEterno started development 7 years before the Kickstarter page and with a very promising game-play they won the title for the biggest space RTS ever made.


Game News

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JAN 07

Developer Updates: Novus AEterno Lore

The Novus AEterno community has an unquenchable hunger for more.

We recently released lore of a few of the Races and Factions in Novus AEterno.

The lore that has been released can be found on our Universe page.

We have not released all the lore as will be releasing them individually as we move forward with our Kickstarter campaign. Each race and faction has been given a specific number of backers required before we will release said lore to the community.

So be sure to share Novus AEterno with as many people as you possibly can.

The faster we build up our backers the faster the lore will be unlocked!

The lore for Novus AEterno is extremely vast and we have so much more to share with everyone!


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DEC 17

Developer Updates: Capital Ships Revealed!

As we are steadily moving towards reaching our first stretch goal, we thought it would be a good time to tell you all what exactly Capital Ships are.

Capital Ships are massive ?Hero? style hulls. They are three times the size of a dreadnought and ten times as powerful! Capital ships are fully customisable just like every other ship in Novus AEterno. However, each player will only be able to have one constructed at any given time.

There will be various capital ship hulls, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Each hull type will have a unique component slot layout with different amounts of component slots allocated to them; some will have more engine slots than shields, for example. The role a capital ship plays within a player?s empire will not be defined by the hull, but rather by the components a player decides to place within said hull. Build a massive warship-style cargo vessel or create an extremely well-shielded carrier. It is all up to you.

The one thing that truly makes capital ships different from the rest of a player?s fleet is the implementation of 4 unique component slots. These particular slots permit a player to equip the capital ship with up to 4 distinct modules. The modules will provide various activatable abilities or buffs to a player?s capital ship, fleet or even their entire empire.

A large number of capital ship modules will be available to all players within Novus AEterno. Players will be able to discover many of them through research. Another source of modules will be by purchasing them from NPC who will be selling modules from all the races within the game to every player regardless of the race the player has chosen. This mean that a player of one race could have a module from every other race placed on his or her hull.

The look of a capital ship will also be customizable. Players will be able to skin a capital ship by buying skins from the ingame store. WE REFUSE to sell anything that will increase the strength and effectiveness of capital ships. The effectiveness of capital ships comes down to how a player has constructed it.

All backers on our kickstarter will receive the Kraken capital ship skin for ever single full Karcharias fleet they receive from their tier! This means that for a backer who will receive 4 Karcharias fleets, will receive 4 Kraken capital ship skin codes as well. These codes can be handed out to friends or future alliance members. If you haven?t already, back us at Kickstarter



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